Lineserve is a software company located in Nairobi, Kenya. Our office is on Koinange Street, at Emperor Plaza. We are known for creating special computer programs that help businesses and organizations manage information better.

Expertise in MIS Solutions

We are really good at making Management Information Systems (MIS). These are like smart tools that make work easier for different types of places. For example, we have made systems for churches, schools, and hospitals. These systems help these places keep track of important things.

Innovation and Excellence

We like to think of new and creative ways to do things. Our team of smart people works hard to make sure our programs are the best they can be. We don’t just stop when we finish making a program – we make sure it works really well for the people using it.

Empowering Industries

Our special programs have helped a lot of different groups. We made one for churches to help them organize their activities. Schools use our program to manage their work better. Hospitals also use our program to take care of patients in a smoother way.

Vision and Impact

We dream of a future where technology and people work together nicely. We want to help organizations grow and do even better with our smart programs. Our goal is to keep making a difference and help businesses use data to make good choices. We believe that our work will make Kenya and other places improve and become more digital.

Hostraha is a member of the Lineserve Group of Companies.

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