KENIC (Kenya Network Information Centre), was created through the assistance of the Communications Commission of Kenya. KENIC is responsible for the administration and management of the dot ke Country Code Top Level Domain (.ke ccTLD).

Second-level domains, under which domains are registered at the third level, are:

  • for companies
  • for not-for-profit-making organisations or NGO’s
  • for network devices
  • for Government entities. Requires supporting documents
  • for institutions of higher education. Requires supporting documents
  • for lower and middle institutes of learning. Requires supporting documents
  • for personal names/websites
  • for mobile content
  • for informational content
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Kenic’s major functions are:

  • Kenic will be the trustee of the top-level domain dot ke country codes.
  • As a delegated function, become the dot ke technical and administrative contact.
  • Administrator of the dot ke.ccTLD, and its Second Level Domains
  • Promote and maintain the operational stability of the ccTLD
  • Assure a cost-effective administration for the dot ke.ccTLD as well as its sub-domains
  • Name service provided for all dot ke. Database is stable and secure.

Its obligations to ICANN include:

  • Notify the Internet Corporation of Names and Numbers of any changes to the contact information for the dot ke ccTLD.
  • Allow ICANN access to dot ke’s updated zone files and registration information.
  • Maintain a Kenic website with all registration information at all times.
  • All financial obligations to ICANN
  • Respect all global ICANN Internet policies.

The Composition of Kenic

The Kenic board is composed of representatives from the government (Communication Commission of Kenya and Government IT Services), the private sector(Telecommunications Services Providers Association of Kenya (TESPOK), Domain-Name Registrar Association of Kenya (DRAKE) and Kenya Internet Marketing Association (KIMA), academia (Kenya Education Network (KENET), civil society, and Dr. Shem Ohodho, founder dot ke administrative contact.

Licensed registry

Kenic uses the 3R Model for domain management to license registrars and facilitate them in registering, renewing, and transferring domain names. This is done by providing a portal that allows these operations to be performed by its registrars. Kenic keeps a list with the contact information of licensed registrars on their website. It also maintains the top registry every month on its website.

Address: CCK Centre, Waiyaki Way, Nairobi

Phone0715 275483

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