The most important step in building your business or brand is choosing a domain name. Your domain name can be the first thing people see, and it can have a significant impact on how they perceive your website and brand. While a carefully selected domain name can increase user interest and drive traffic to your website, a poorly chosen one could do the exact opposite. Although it’s not an exact science and there are no absolute rules, these are some guidelines to help you choose a name that best represents your brand.

  1. Short
    A short domain name is simple to remember and type. While you will need to include your business name in the domain name, you don’t have to mention your entire business name.
  2. Unique and distinctive
    You can use your creativity to create a unique, concise and precise domain name.
  3. Avoid using hyphens
    As simple as possible, try to keep your name short. Domain names that contain hyphens and other characters can be difficult to spell or remember.
  4. It is possible to search for it
    Once you have chosen a domain name that is suitable for your business, it is worth searching the web to ensure it is not being used by anyone else.
  5. Take Action
    Register the domain name you are interested in as soon as it becomes available. You might have the same idea as someone else. Registering the domain name quickly is the best option.
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