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You may be doing a lot of research to find the best web hosting business if you’re seeking for a recognized one. Attempt to remain focused despite the fact that big international firms could initially attract your attention. Even though there are many top-notch web hosts available, you’ll receive more for your money if you think about having a local business host your website. Using a local provider to host your website has some fantastic benefits.


One drawback of hosting abroad in the current economic climate is that you can end up paying up to four times as much for the same service today as you did a year ago due to the current devaluation of the shilling or the ludicrous surge in exchange rates. Hosting locally fixes this issue and reduces your expenses because local hosting is not impacted by currency fluctuations.

Increase the local economy

According to reports, Kenya loses billions each year by having its services provided abroad. By using a local host, you may help the local economy expand. Local hosts can also export their services, which brings in money for the nation.

Improved client service and support

Additionally, you’ll receive better support when you need it most if you host locally. Differences across language and time zones, for example, won’t be an issue. If you host your website with a recognized local company, you will have easier access to high-quality service. Assistance is available 24/7/365 via phone, email, and/or chat, and when practical, they can solve any issue for you right away. Instead of an automated phone tree, as is the case with multinational corporations abroad, a small business owner only needs to make one phone call to reach a customer service representative.
Having access to excellent customer service is amazing

Good for the neighborhood market:

Finally, it is recommended that you host locally rather than abroad if your target market is local. Hosting your website locally will improve user experience by increasing website uptime, ensuring rapid page loads for local users, and giving you better access to skilled support personnel and your target market.
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