Are you looking to set up a website in Kenya? Before you decide to purchase web hosting services, we will discuss cheap web hosting in Kenya.

What is a domain name?

Domain names are unique online identifiers that identify a website or brand.  A domain name allows people to directly access your website or email address.

Parts Domain Name

A domain name is made up of two parts: the extension, and the name.

Your website’s name is often your brand name.

An extension is a string containing characters that uniquely identifies the domain type and where it is registered. There are many extensions available, but the most popular domain name extensions in Kenya .ke, .io etc.

Hostraha is a domain which uniquely identifies the Hostraha refers back to the extension

Here’s a quick description of what domains are…

What is Domain name?

A domain name is for a Kenyan entity or company. The domain name is issued by the Kenya Network Information Centre (KENIC), a government agency. Anyone can buy domain . Registering takes just 10 minutes.

Companies that sell products to Kenya will find it easier to identify their company by domains. If you are a Kenyan-owned business, you can purchase a domain to increase your visibility in Kenya.

How can you choose a domain name that is good in Kenya?

When choosing a domain name, you need to be careful. This is how your company will be found online. The domain name is your website’s online identity. Your website’s performance can be affected by the name you choose. If the domain name isn’t right for you, clients could be confused.


Decide if you want to go

Advantages of Domain Name over Domain

This will allow you to have a local identity that is unique from all other domain names in the world. This will give your Kenyan domain a competitive edge.

SEO will help you rank higher if someone searches for information that is related to your product, but with a Kenyan focus (e.g. When someone searches for shoes in Kenya, will rank higher.

They will feel more confident in you because you are closer to their company than international companies.

Only local web hosting companies are authorized to sell domain. This will provide you with more support.

Domain names cost less than domain names so it will be more affordable to pay.

It is possible for version to still be available even if your name matches one of the internationally-recognized domains.

Advantages of Domain Name over Domain

You may not be relevant in other countries. You will therefore be appealing to the local market but not the global one.

Domain names are local. A domain might be more important to Kenyan customers than a domain

M-Peas, the only payment method that Kenyan registrars accept, is the only one. This may pose a problem if you’re a foreigner.

Avoid these common mistakes when choosing a domain name or hosting in Kenya

While many providers claim to offer great features, they won’t be able deliver when you search for webhosting in Kenya. These are the things you should be looking for when searching web hosting in Kenya.

Always check the reviews of any company that you are interested in engaging with. Negative reviews and companies without reviews online are not recommended.

Do not fall for the trap of buying more resources than you really need. When searching for Kenyan hosting plans with higher resources, you will see upsell offers. They say that you will need more space in the future. A five-page website will not use more than 50MBs web space. It is a waste to buy a 50GB hosting package as you may not use all of it before expiring.

Web hosting companies that offer poor support should be avoided. Web hosting accounts can cause problems for your domain, email server and website. A web host company should be able to resolve any problems and prevent downtimes for your email or website. Contact them at night or early in the morning to see if they offer 24/7 support. If they respond, it is most likely that they will be available when you need them.

Is it me or the domain owner?

To register a domain in Kenya, the primary email address you use is the one you pay. You should remember that web hosting companies will not allow you to send domain name instructions to other email addresses than the one you have registered.

It is crucial to ensure that your domain name is registered with a valid email address. This will make sure that it does not expire during your domain subscription.

To purchase your domain name, I recommend you use a GMAIL email account. Gmail addresses are generally more secure than Yahoo and won’t be removed as frequently as Yahoo.

What happens to a domain that isn’t paid in Kenya?

In Kenya, the domain name is not being paid for. It is divided into several stages.

Pre-Expiry reminder: A reminder will be sent to you thirty days prior to the renewal date. This email will enable you to pay for domain name and keep access.

Redemption Period: Domain names expire after the due date passes without payment. Your domain name will be available for redemption by email. Your domain name will remain yours but you cannot use it or the emails it contains. Your services will be restored to the original state if you pay within this timeframe.

Data Deletion and Domain Public Access – The name is returned to public domain within 30 days of its due date. The name can then be bid for and bought by anyone. It can now be purchased by anyone, even your competitors. All data from your hosting account has been deleted and your hosting account frozen. Before you allow your account reach this stage, it is crucial to backup all data. After this time, you may not be in a position to recover any information.

Linking domain names with web hosts.

If you have a domain purchased in Kenya from Hostraha, it may be possible to host your domain with an International host.

You can connect the domain from Kenya to your web hosting account by adding the name servers for the web host to DNS Records. Our client area portal allows you to access Hostraha name servers.

What is web hosting?

 You can have a website, domain name, but there is no space to host them. Web hosting allows organizations and individuals to create websites or pages on the internet.

Servers, which are computers that are specially designed for hosting websites, are where they are kept. Internet users can access your website by simply entering the domain name in their browser. Your browser will connect to your server and you will receive your web pages.

Hosting companies will require that you have a domain in order to host your website. Many will help you to get a domain name and hosting.

Hostraha lets you host your website, create unlimited databases, and have unlimited email addresses. A custom domain is also possible.

Registering a domain name
  1. Visit our website
5 Easy Steps To Register A Domain Name In Kenya 1

2. Search your perfect domain name and add to cart and then click checkout.

5 Easy Steps To Register A Domain Name In Kenya 2

3. Click Continue

5 Easy Steps To Register A Domain Name In Kenya 3

4. Verify the spelling of your domain name in the Review section. Then, click on Checkout.

5. Enter Your Details
6. After Registering Or Login, Make The Payment And Your Domain Name Will Be Automatically Registered.
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