How do you transfer a domain?

Domain name transfers are when domain names are transferred from one registrar to another.

There are many steps you need to follow when you transfer your domain name to Hostraha.

Make sure your domain name remains unlocked

You should first log in to your account as your current registrar to unlock your domain name and remove the lock.

Get the EPP/TRANSFER/AUTHORIZATION Code for your domain name.

The current domain name registrar can provide this code. Sometimes, registrars make it available on their client portal. It can be found under the Domains section.

Begin the Domain Transfer

The domain transfer order will be placed on To go to a page that allows you to search for your domain name, click it. Enter the Authorization code as well as the domain name. Next, click on Add to Cart. Next, review the Terms of Service. Next, confirm your order.

Log in to your Account. Follow the steps above if you are an existing Hostraha customer.

The registry will initiate the transfer. It will be initiated at the registry level if it is a local domain (.ke). International extensions will see the domain move into a pending transfer status. It can take around 5-7 days for the domain to be released by the previous registrar.

Once the approval is granted, the domain will be transferred to the receiving registry and you can manage the domain. The domain status will automatically change to ‘clientTransferProhibited’ meaning that the transfer Lock has been enabled.

Why Domain Transfers May Be Failed

If the domain has an international extension (.com,.net,…etc. If the domain has an international extension (.com,.net,…etc. ), it can’t be transferred.

If a contact has changed recently and the domain has not been in use for 60 days, the domain is not transferable. This does not apply to international extensions (.com,.net,.org,.info, etc. ). Please wait for 60 days for the contact change to take place before you can initiate domain transfers.

Domain transfers that are not secured can fail if the domain name isn’t removed from the registrar lock. This section can be viewed by logging in to your client portal. Contact the losing registrar for removal of the lock.

The EPP/Transfer Code must match the correct one. If the EPP Code was not used within the given time frame, domain transfers may fail. The registrar will issue a new EPP Code.

If your domain name is no longer available. International domain extensions (.com,.net,.org,.info, etc.) Domain names that have expired cannot be transferred.

What can I do to transfer my website and email?

Hostraha lets you transfer your website files and email completely free.

It can be difficult to host data from an old host. Hosting data from a previous host can be stressful. The hosting company will send the files to us in format. They will be uploaded to our servers.

It is a good idea to download files from the losing host as soon as your account expires to avoid any inconveniences.

Is there any downtime?

We make every effort to minimize downtime during the transfer of your domain name and hosting to Hostraha.

How much does it cost to transfer a domain?

You can transfer a local domain name for free (.ke) To activate the domain, you’ll need to renew the domain name after the transfer.

International extensions (.com,.net,.org…etc. ) International extensions (.com,.net,.org…etc.) can be transferred for a fee.

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