Our Mission

Our mission is to help individuals and companies have an online presence that is secure and reliable so they can communicate with a global audience.

Your website must have a strong online presence. You will feel the difference in your website and receive expert assistance in driving traffic to it for personal or business purposes.

We are a Webhosting Company in Nairobi, Kenya. We believe in combining our skills with client experience to create amazing products and services.

Hostraha will help you launch and maintain your website successfully.

Why choose Hostraha as your Hosting Provider

  • Our hosting solutions can only be as good as the services that accompany them.
  • Each client is important to us and we will go the extra mile for them.
  • We make products and experiences that we want. These include ,webhosting and domain registration. They also offer website design, web security, cloud services, and SSL certificates.

What is Webhosting?

  • Web hosting allows individuals and organizations to publish a website on the Internet.
  • Web hosting, also known as web hosting provider, refers to a company that offers the technology and services necessary for a website or webpage to be viewed on the Internet.

We ensure website owners have a stress-free experience when they choose webhosting services with us. This allows them to focus on their business and their time.

We offer a variety of webhosting services.

  • Shared website hosting – Multiple websites can be “live” on one server, and the Hostraha will split the cost. We offer uptime guarantee and all the bandwidth and space you require at a fair price. Consider shared Web hosting like sharing your privacy with rent-paying roommates.
  • VPS Hosting Services For some, VPS hosting (also called virtual private servers) can offer the best of both worlds. It is a Web host solution that offers a compromise between dedicated and shared Web hosting. Virtual private servers (VPS) offer more flexibility and control than dedicated web hosting. Although you technically share the same server as other websites, this server will be split into multiple “virtual private servers”. Each VPS can operate independently of the VPS hosting of other websites. The VPS software will be managed by you, with no additional costs or maintenance. VPS hosting isn’t like renting a home or sharing space in a shared apartment; it’s more similar to renting a condo. You can control a certain amount of space that is not available to your neighbours.

We offer a variety of plans for shared and virtual private servers.

At Hostraha ;

  • Webhosting services are provided at a price that suits your budget.
  • We create products and experiences that we would love to have.

We offer features you’ll need, and we have a variety of plans to suit your budget. These features include:

  • We make sure that your website is able to transmit sufficient data to all visitors. This is bandwidth. A higher bandwidth site allows for more visitors to access it at once, while still maintaining fluid user experiences.
  • We make it simple for our clients to upgrade by creating a path that allows them to handle both steady growth and sudden spikes in traffic. This is Scalability.
  • We have a excellent customer support plan. We are available 24 hours a day to help you with any time-sensitive questions or for assistance.
  • Domain names – Whether you want to register one domain name or several under the same account we can help you get started. It makes it easy for you to manage all aspects of your website.
  • SSL Certification- This certification adds encryption on the client’s site, protecting their personal information as well as the sites visitors.
  • We offer plans to support Ecommerce Software.
  • Cloud backup.
  • 9% uptime guarantee.
  • Website design.

What is a good website design in Kenya?

We invite you to try web design that suits your brand and keeps you on top of the web world with the exuberant designs we create.

Your website design should not only grab the attention of your audience, but also drive traffic that will help you rise to the top. It takes time to create a website that is appealing and functional. We only release products that we are satisfied with.

  • These options are easy to use and offer functionality. You will get everything you need from our team.
  • Ensure that all pieces fit together. This will support your brand’s overall outlook.
  • Web design should include bold or subtle elements that grab the attention of users.

We care about your needs and desires when it comes website design. That is why we identify them and then create a website that is professional and attractive.

What additional features are included in Web Design and Web Hosting Services

Our web development team is committed to bringing your vision into reality with the best web design in Kenya.

These services include:

  • WordPress or ecommerce sites.
  • Responsive web design which provides an optimal user experience no matter where it is viewed.
  • E-mail Management: With your domain, you will need your own e mail addresses such as [email protected].
  • E-mail forwarding.
  • Auto-responders for e-mail: If you’re away from your office, you might want to use an automatic-response feature. This allows you to respond automatically to any incoming e-mails.

How can we make sure that our website stands out?

Your website is undoubtedly one of the most important marketing assets for a business.

  • Search engines are the starting point for 93% of online experiences.
  • 63% of consumers use your company’s site to discover and interact with you.
  • 48% People believe that a website’s design plays a major role in determining the credibility and legitimacy of a company.

Today, Kenyans are creating more websites. How can we make sure our website stands out?

  • A well-designed website conveys that you value quality and stability. Our design is fresh and easy to use. It is all about making it easy for users to move around your website and take action.

We value our clients and make sure your website stands out by going beyond the normal and aligning it with all the essential elements.

  • Web design should be simple to use and last a long time.
  • We make sure that the design we create is representative of your organization and includes all details. Your users will find their way easily and naturally by keeping the design simple.

Choosing a domain name

Domain names give a friendly face to difficult-to-remember numerical Internet addresses. Domain names make it easier to find your website.

As part of your webhosting plan, our hosting services provide registration.

You want a domain name that is easy-to-find and will help your website win, as there are thousands of domain names being registered every day.

Some options include:

  • .biz
  • .com

Your domain name is your unique identity. A domain name is a must-have for any business, individual or group that wants to establish an online presence. Your business will benefit from having its own domain name, website, and email address.

  • Professional look
  • It will protect trademarks and copyrights.
  • Credibility is key.
  • Brand awareness can be increased
  • Positioning search engines.

Our support team is available to assist you with domain registration.

The best web design deals in Kenya

We can take your website design to the next stage.

To meet your budget, we have designed different hosting plans: platinum, diamond and gold, which is our most popular, as well as silver.

All plans include:

1-click apps, simple-to-use control panels, unlimited database, free domain transfer, 24/7 support, no cost SSL certificates 99.9% uptime guarantee and a free site builder. Affordable pricing.

You might be curious about how to start a website in Kenya, as more people are creating websites for business and personal reasons.

Hosting plans are a platform that meets your needs, according to your budget.

We are.

  • We are easily accessible: our staff welcomes you to have a great experience and receive the service you desire.
  • We love implementing the ideas of our clients: we respect and value creativity, especially when it comes to website design.
  • We believe in commitment: being of assistance to you brings us joy. As such, we offer 24/7 support to all our clients and potential clients. We are open to suggestions and help you in any way we can.
  • We are familiar with is essential that your brand is professionally presented. Our clients feel more confident knowing their websites are being maintained professionally.
  • Quality services and products: We are dedicated to excellence in our field. Our organization is built on quality.
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