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Do you want to create a website in Kenya You’ve probably heard web hosting mentioned. We will be discussing cheap web hosting in Kenya and answering all your questions before you make a decision to buy web hosting services.

What’s a domain name?

Domain names are unique online identifiers for a website or brand. It functions in a similar way to a Physical Address. Our office is located at Moi Avenue, Development House on the 10th Floor. Office number 13. This address will allow you to come straight to our office without needing directions. A domain name is similar to a physical address. It allows users to access your website (or email address) directly without needing any directions.

Parts of Domain Name

Two parts make up a domain name: the extension and the name.

The name is often the brand name or name you want your website to be identified with.

An extension is a string of characters that identifies the type of domain you have and the place where it is registered. There are many extensions, but the most common domain names extensions in Kenya .ke, .io etc.

Hostraha is a domain that uniquely identifies the Hostraha refers to the extension.

This is a brief description of what a domain is…

What’s Domain Name?

A domain name stands for a Kenyan company or entity. The Kenya Network Information Centre (KENIC), a government agency, issues the domain name. domain can be purchased by anyone Buy here. It takes only 10 minutes to register.

Because customers can identify you as a Kenyan company and not an international business, domains are best for companies that sell products to Kenya. To increase your visibility in Kenya, you can buy a domain name if you own a Kenyan business.

How do you choose a good domain name in Kenya?

You need to be cautious when choosing a domain name. This is how your business will be found online. Your website’s online identity is the domain name. The name you choose can have a significant impact on how it performs. Clients could get confused if the domain name is not right for them.

.com, or

You need to decide if you want to go

Advantages of domain name over domain

This will give you a unique local identity that is different from other domain names around the world. This will give your Kenyan domain name an edge.

SEO will give you a higher ranking if someone searches for content that is related to your product but has a Kenyan focus (e.g. domain will rank higher when someone searches for shoes in Kenya.

Because they know you are closer to their business than international businesses, they will be more confident in you.

A local web hosting company is the only place you can purchase Domain. This will give you more support.

Domain names are less expensive than those, so it will be easier to pay.

Even if your name is identical to one of the international domains already taken, it is possible that version may still be available.

Advantages of domain name over domain

In other countries, you may not be considered relevant. Therefore, you will be attractive to the local market, but not to the global market.

Domain names have a local feel. Customers in Kenya might take a domain more seriously than a domain

M-Peas is the only accepted payment method by Kenyan registrars. If you are a foreigner, this may be a problem.

Avoid these mistakes when selecting a domain name and hosting in Kenya

Many providers will claim great features, but they will not be able to deliver on their promises when you search for web hosting in Kenya. Here are some things to look out for when searching for web hosting in Kenya.

You should always check out the reviews about the company you are considering engaging. Avoid companies with no reviews online or negative reviews.

Don’t fall for the trap of purchasing more resources than what you actually need. You will find upsell offers when searching for Kenyan hosting packages that offer higher resources. They claim that you will require more space in the future. A 5-page website won’t use more than 50MBs of web space. A 50GB hosting package is a waste of money as you might not use half of it before the hosting expires.

Avoid web hosting companies that don’t offer good support. You will encounter problems with your website, email server, or domain name when you use a web hosting account. You will need a web host company that can help you resolve any issues and prevent downtimes on your website or email. You can check if they offer 24/7 service by contacting them in the early morning or at night. If they reply, it is likely that they will be there for you when you need them.

Who owns the domain once I have paid for it?

The primary email address used to register a domain name in Kenya is the one that you pay. It is important to remember that most web hosting companies won’t allow you to send instructions for domain names using other emails than the one registered.

It is important to make sure that your domain name is registered with an email address that you control and that does not expire during the term of your domain subscription.

I would recommend that you use a GMAIL account to purchase your domain name. Gmail email addresses are generally very secure and will not be removed from service as often as Yahoo.

What happens if a domain isn’t paid for in Kenya?

The domain name is not paid for in Kenya. It goes through several stages:

Pre-Expiry Reminder: You will first be sent a reminder thirty days before the renewal date. This email will allow you to pay for your domain name and not lose access.

Redemption Period: The domain name expires after the due date has passed without payment. You will receive an email advising you that your domain name is available for redemption. This means that your domain name remains yours, but you can’t use it or any emails associated with it. If you pay for domain names within this time frame, your services will be restored to their original state.

Data Deletion and Domain Public Access: The name is returned to the public domain 30 days after it was due. It can then be bidded for and purchased by anyone. It is now available for purchase by anyone, including your competitors. Your hosting account is also frozen and all your data deleted from the servers. It is important to back up all data before you allow your account to reach this point. You may not be able recover any information from your account after that period.

Linking your domain name with a web host.

You may wish to host your domain with an international host if you purchased a domain in Kenya from a provider such as Hostraha.

By adding the name servers of the web host to the DNS Records for the domain, you can connect the domain in Kenya to your web hosting account. You can access name servers on Hostraha through the client section of the website.

What’s web hosting?

It is possible to visit a country but not have somewhere to stay or leave your baggage. You will most likely need someone to host your luggage. It is the same thing as web hosting. Although you may have a website and domain name, there is no place to host them. Web hosting is a service that allows individuals and organizations to publish web pages or websites on the internet.

Websites are stored on servers, which are special computers. Internet users can view your website by entering your domain in their browser. The browser will then connect to your server, and your web pages will be delivered through your browser.

Hosting companies require you to have a domain to host your site. Some will even be happy to help you get a domain and hosting.

Hostraha allows you to host your website, create unlimited databases and have unlimited email accounts. You can also have a custom domain.

Why web hosting is necessary?

Hosting web sites is essential and therefore it is necessary. It handles all backend issues, including maintenance and repair of servers. Web hosts can make your life simpler and save you time.

Web hosting is also necessary because you have the option to select the CMS and security plugins that will make your website more secure. Hostraha is one example of a hosting company that offers 24/7 support so you can reach someone immediately if you have any issues.

Web hosting is necessary because you have complete control over your website.

What’s cPanel?

Cpanel is a web-based control panel that allows you to manage your web hosting server via a user-friendly interface. Cpanel is an automation tool that allows companies to provide affordable web hosting services. It also makes web hosting accessible to a wide range of users. It is designed to make web hosting easy, affordable and reliable for web owners and hosting companies. Cpanel allows anyone to sell web hosting at a low price.

Cpanel is used by 20% of websites to host personal blogs, company websites, application hosting, e-commerce, and company websites. This allows people to create their own websites at a fraction of the cost. A cpanel allows you to get a cheaper, better service, and a single interface regardless of the hosting provider.

What makes a great web hosting company in Kenya?

There are many factors to consider when choosing a Kenyan web hosting company.

1. What web hosting service in Kenya is best

There are many factors that go into choosing a web hosting provider. The client must be satisfied with the company’s capabilities and competence. When choosing a provider, it is important to evaluate the client’s needs. Clients are looking for service providers that offer speed, convenience, and cost effectiveness. Even though they’re looking for cheap hosting services, the quality of the service must not be compromised. Shared hosting platforms are the most common type of web hosting.

When clients are looking for products and services, they value customer support. Clients expect a 24 hour support line that is available and responsive throughout the day. They must be available on multiple platforms to ensure clients are satisfied.

Clients who require an automated process are also welcome to automate the process.

How much storage do I need for my website?

As a web designer, my experience has shown that 200mb is the limit for a website. Even with duplicate images or a large WordPress theme, this is still a good result. Emails are the biggest memory hog. Most of them are junk. If you have limited funds, you can still get web hosting plans with low storage.

How do I upload my website to my hosting account?

This video shows you how to upload your website to a cPanel Hosting Account.

Which web hosting in Kenya is best for small businesses

Shared hosting is the best type of web hosting for small businesses. It’s usually cheap (Hostraha shared web hosting starts at KSH995 including domain: ). This allows small businesses to go online easily and without too much hassle.

A web hosting package that includes a domain name, webmail interface and cPanel will include a webmail interface. This configuration is sufficient to launch a small website, and to communicate with clients via email.

If you have a small team or send a few emails per day, shared hosting is best.

Which web hosting in Kenya is best for WordPress

It will all depend on how many website visitors you get per day. Hosting bandwidth will be affected by how much traffic you get. You need high bandwidth to start with.

Hosting for WordPress websites should support phpMyadmin and PHP5.6, and provide MYSQL databases.

Don’t worry if you don’t know what these numbers mean. Hostraha’s standard hosting platform will already have all these features set up. We will also maintain your server space so you don’t have to worry about code.

Is it possible to host my website on my own?

You can theoretically host your own website. This would require you to have a computer you can keep running all day and make sure you have internet and electricity. It is a risky decision that could lead to many problems.

How can you change web hosting companies within Kenya?

It is possible to change web hosting providers in Kenya and elsewhere. To do this, you must first ask the hosting company from where you wish to move. An EPP code allows you to transfer domain names from one registrar. The EPP code would be given to the web hosting company to which you wish to transfer the domain name. Also, the login credentials for the cPanel on your website.

Hostraha will help you transfer your domain name, website, and email from the other host to ours for no additional fee. We will only need the EPP code to your domain name.

Where can I find the servers for Web hosting companies in Kenya

Nearly all companies offering web hosting in Kenya use servers located in the USA. This is because it provides more reliable and consistent hosting environments than hosting in Kenya.

Searching for web hosting in Kenya?

Nearly all Kenyan Web Hosting companies offer their customers the option to pay for their services via MPesa. This allows for easy payments both during registration and renewal.

Hostraha allows you to pay for your hosting services with MPesa. Your services will automatically provision as soon as your payment is received. You don’t need to speak to us in order to access your web hosting services. You can sign up anytime you want and renew or purchase your hosting services at any time.

How to Pay for Cheap Web Hosting in Kenya

Many web hosting companies in Kenya offer multiple payment options for their products and services. Many companies use mobile payment as their primary method of payment. Some companies have gone the extra mile to create an automated payment system that can provision themselves without any human interaction.

Hostraha has an integrated ordering and purchasing system that integrates with MPesa’s Payment System. The system allows you to search for a domain name and place an order. The system reserves the domain you have chosen and awaits your payment. The system generates an invoice and assigns a number to the invoice. This number is used for payment. The system will automatically send the client cPanel login credentials once payment has been made. Clients can upload their websites to the new domain by using the automatic, instant setup. All of these steps are performed automatically.

What’s an SSL?

SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer. This is a key component of any website. It creates a trust environment for visitors. It’s a security protocol that helps establish a secure, encrypted link between a browser (and a web server). SSL is used to protect all data sent through the website. It creates trust and allows website visitors to make online transactions. It will be installed on your website and your site will display a lock sign with a green bar.

Is Web Hosting in Kenya Included with a Free SSL

Hostraha offers SSLs for free. The lock sign and green bars are automatically added to the domain you have purchased. This makes your website secure for your customers so they can make online payments without worrying about their personal information being compromised. Hostraha has a domain that you can use for an online transaction.

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