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Hostraha Data Protection Policy

1. Introduction

At Hostraha, we are committed to safeguarding the privacy and personal data of our customers, partners, employees, and all individuals whose data we may process. This Data Protection Policy outlines our approach to data protection, including how we collect, process, store, and secure personal data in compliance with the Data Protection Act, 2019, and other relevant regulations in Kenya.

2. Scope

This policy applies to all personal data processed by Hostraha, whether collected from customers, employees, suppliers, or any other data subjects.

3. Principles

Hostraha adheres to the following data protection principles:

  • Lawfulness and Fairness: We process personal data lawfully and transparently, ensuring fairness and accuracy in all aspects of data processing.
  • Purpose Limitation: We collect and process personal data for specified, explicit, and legitimate purposes, and we do not process it in a manner incompatible with those purposes.
  • Data Minimization: We only collect and process personal data that is necessary for the purposes for which it was collected.
  • Data Accuracy: We take reasonable steps to ensure that personal data is accurate, up-to-date, and relevant to the purposes for which it was collected.
  • Data Security: We implement appropriate technical and organizational measures to protect personal data from unauthorized access, disclosure, alteration, or destruction.
  • Data Retention: We retain personal data only for as long as necessary to fulfill the purposes for which it was collected or as required by applicable laws.

4. Data Collection

Hostraha collects personal data for the following purposes:

  • Providing web hosting and domain registration services.
  • Communicating with customers and partners.
  • Billing and invoicing.
  • Compliance with legal and regulatory requirements.
  • Improving our services and customer experience.

We will always inform data subjects about the purposes of data collection and seek their consent when required.

5. Data Processing

Personal data may be processed for the following purposes:

  • Account management.
  • Billing and payment processing.
  • Customer support.
  • Marketing and promotional activities (with consent).
  • Security and fraud prevention.
  • Legal and regulatory compliance.

6. Data Security

Hostraha implements appropriate technical and organizational measures to protect personal data. This includes encryption, access controls, regular security assessments, and staff training.

7. Data Subject Rights

Data subjects have the right to:

  • Access their personal data.
  • Correct inaccuracies in their data.
  • Withdraw consent (where applicable).
  • Object to data processing.
  • Request data erasure (right to be forgotten).
  • Data portability.

To exercise these rights, data subjects may contact our Data Protection Officer (DPO).

8. Data Breach Response

In the event of a data breach, Hostraha will promptly assess the breach, notify the Data Commissioner and affected data subjects when necessary, and take appropriate remedial actions.

9. Data Protection Officer

Hostraha has appointed a Data Protection Officer (DPO) responsible for ensuring data protection compliance within the organization. Contact details for the DPO can be obtained from our website or customer support.

10. Policy Review

This Data Protection Policy will be reviewed regularly to ensure its effectiveness and compliance with changing legal and business requirements.

11. Contact Information

For any questions or concerns related to data protection, please contact:

Data Protection Officer

Hostraha Limited

Date: 01/09/2023